Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jack was right

Momma will drape Daddy's sweater in progress over you if you crawl up on her lap and ask nice.

Daddy wanted a red sweater but picked out this nice red wine color. Does it bring out my nice orange highlights?

Wool knits into such a nice fabric. I feel just the right temperature for a nap. It is ever so hard taking care of Momma and Daddy. I think I just earned some treats don't you?

Momma watched a Doctor Who marathon, she still thinks 10 is her favorite. Auntie Lizard still likes 12 better. I am undecided... guess I need more lap time to decide.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yarn Crawling

We may have moved across the country from my favorite yarn festival, but I still know how to find yarn. Burt was right you gotta stretch before these events!

I hit seven of the 13 stores over four days and enjoyed myself. Burt did not go with me to a single one?! He did however find some of the yarn interesting and tried to carry it around the house but did not get very far.

Yep that is a lot of socks to be, and a cowl and a pair of mittens for my sister. Oh there is a two color shawl to be in there on the left too. I got quite a few local dyers and one lovely purple skein of Handmaiden Casbah. Yep I finally found Casbah. I melted like butter when I touched it. I was strong enough to walk away and look at some other yarns before running back to pick out the original purple that caught my eye and touched my soul. What? I get a tad dramatic about yarn, ya'll know that. I'll save the actual loot listing for another day. Me? I've got some yarn to pet.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gearing up

Thursday is the Rose City Yarn crawl.

Burt tells me that you have to stretch properly before venturing out into something like that.

I have no idea how he would know about yarn crawls and what they require, but you have to trust someone's expertise...

That is a face of a cat who knows things.

You know like where to find the best spot to sun yourself in February, in Portland!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Knitting to show

I know it seems weird to come here and find a post but one with knitting? Seems almost wrong.

Ahh now don't we all feel better now that we know the knitting is getting done? That is Hubby's sweater. I like my sweaters knit the same as my socks, top down in the round. I guess that construction makes the most sense to me.

While sweaters are not as portable as socks this one accompanied me a couple of times. First we went to knitting at the church one Saturday morning, it was lovely and I will be going back. Man though those church ladies start early. I am used to an afternoon of fun not the morning.

Last night we took the hubby over and had dinner with my brother in law's family. I was too run down to play games but I observed while occasionally knitting on the sweater. Yep too tired to knit that sums it up.

I had a long tiring week but hubby was cleared to walk again so we're pretty pumped about it. So pumped that he cleaned the kitchen. That is happy!

Burtis telling me we have time for a nap so I best follow feline orders.

Friday, February 17, 2017

I'm alright

Don't you just love little pink toe beans?

Burt takes his napping very seriously.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Random Thoughts

I can tell you that there is something very satisfying about knitting a sweater. It is a bit like eating freshly baked bread from your oven. It just feels so right.

Adriene and I had a video chat the other night. She knit on a blanket and I knit on the sweater. I was using different colored markers but they feel the same. I did a set of increases at the beginning of the round marker. I fixed it but the stitches were sloppy. I had rip back because triple size stitches don't even out just because you want them to.

Hubby made good progress on his convalescing puzzle. Burt is not thrilled to have to give up his comfy chair while Daddy works on the puzzle. The sacrifices a kitty makes...

We have been blessed to receive some meals from the church ladies. It is so nice to not have to think about dinner. I came home to the smell of beef stew in the crockpot.

There is talk of Portland getting more snow this weekend. If we don't I'm going to try going to the church knitting group.

Which reminds me the Rose City Yarn Crawl is coming up soon too. Maybe I need to work on getting my driving route planned out. It is a four day event,  may want to start pacing myself now.

Burtis reminding me that morning comes earlier than we wish.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Actual knitting

Yes I know I am surprised that I have pictures of actual knitting here too. I have finally finished a pair of socks for D that traveled with me all through his hospitalizations and recovery time so far.

The yarn is Into the Whirled Manchester sock in the Trek colorway. I'll just say that I loved this yarn and the colors so much. It made me feel warm like I was holding a campfire in my hands the whole time. Campfire without the burns is always a nice feeling. As you can see I ran out of yarn before finishing the second sock. I went leftover stash diving and found a complementary red to finish off. And since he is moving slower with his walker I have time to take pictures.

I started these socks for me on the move West last summer. It took me just over a month to knit them up with settling into the new place. It took me five months to get a picture of me wearing them. Apparently D is not the only one that needs to slow down for a photo every now and then.

These are also Into the Whirled but in the Gloucester base in the Aurora Borealis colorway. One of my former knit mates gave the yarn to me as part of the drive by yarning last January. I am going to miss my knitting buds and not only for random yarn gifts either.

They have been sending me support via the internet through this whole ordeal with hubby. So even if you can't make the meetings the knit group is still there for you.

And speaking of support Burt took care of me through the Daddyless times and through my own bout of flu. I just love how his ears are telling me don't even think about leaving the bed Momma!

I have cast on for a sweater for D. I had bought the yarn a few months ago but kept mulling over the idea that I should try knitting him a different style of sweater. I admitted that I want to knit a sweater and not just think about knitting a sweater. So I pulled out a familiar raglan sweater pattern and cast on. I am much happier in doing so. So D will finally get his red/wine sweater that he has wanted all along. Burt says orange/red is the color to be, and who wants to argue with a cat?