Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Momma what do you do when you have to do paperwork and I want to help you?

Oh you give me a nice comfy bed right up here where the action is so I can supervise! Don't forget to carry the one Momma.

She could not love me any more than she already does... I like her too.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

On Grieving

Ah the posts you never want to write but somehow the words keep moving around in your head. Finally it is just best to sit down with a box of tissues and let it out.

There are multiple triggers for this one but today it was a small box dated May 2016 that linked it all together. I was putting things away and came across something I am not yet able to let go, a box of medication for Gus. That box and three of its four pills moved with me from New York. It sat in under the bathroom counter in the apartment for a year and a half and now it sits on the new bathroom counter because somethings are memories even if they are useless. That box is the link to another life. Sometimes I forget how difficult that time was and sometimes I remember all to well.

I do know that my experiences taking care of Gus long term helped prep me for dealing with D's accident. I knew how strong I could be and had a clue how strong I would need to be.

That box also reminds me of the people from my vet's office. One in particular that is causing me to sob. M was this lovely soul that always had time for us. I think her middle name should have been empathy. She was the one that posted pictures of Gus on Facebook for me when we traveled and he stayed with them. She was the one that laughed when I told her to call him Big Tough Kitty when he was not feeling well. She was the one that took this picture.

She was also the person I messaged asking for help to end his struggles. I had to message her because I knew I would break down crying if I heard her voice and had to say the words. She was the one that wrapped up the shawl we brought with us and kept it safe to return with his ashes.

She was the one that came to take Jack's body from us.

She was also one of the first people to get a picture of Burt. Because people that understand why new kitty pictures are important are my kind of people.

Do you ever have those people in your life that you wish you could have known better. She is one of mine. We did connect on Facebook after the move out here. She was a bright, funny, beautiful person. It broke my heart to watch her go from being the caregiver to all of us pet parents to being a patient. A patient that kept beating the odds in all the worst ways. She was not supposed to be at risk for the disease that took her. She was not supposed to go from being on the road to recovery to hearing what would cause her death.

She is supposed to still be at the office taking calls and bringing comfort to all of us that needed her. She is supposed to be making me laugh at her witty comments and matching sense of humor. She is supposed to be curled up with her own kitties and wife.

But she is not and the world is less because of it. Rest well M. I hope Gus was there to greet you on the other side.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tea cup garden?

What do you do when your tea for one set loses its other half? 

Start a teacup garden!

Who knew my teacup would have a picture of my future kitty on it?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Another View

Momma, people are going to start thinking you just sit around and admire all the cute things I do.

I guess they're right?

Whew at least this photo has some yarn in it!

You should go take a picture of that plant thingie out on the patio that you think looks so nice. 

How about you put some potatoes in the oven for dinner?? At least you're doing some laundry.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Momma wanted me to let you know it is not all about the new toys we have. 

Sometimes we just sit and admire our new vistas.

Here I ponder what we can grow in the back forty. Forty what Momma? Oh it is just an expression? We don't have forty of anything? Not even yarn skeins?

Way more than forty yarn skeins? Does Daddy know we have all that yarn? 

Oh that's where he gets his spiffy socks from! I sorta nod off when you're knitting.

Good talk Momma, I'm gonna go take a nap, no I do not want to take a walk in the Burtabaygo. Why don't you go bake some muffins or something? There is a chill in the air that the oven would get rid of... I'm just sayin'.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Just realized

Here I was trying to come up with a witty line about new friends and old friends...

My new to me spinning wheel matches Burt. 

I guess she can stay Momma. You know since she matched her outfit to me...

Also I approve of the new chair and ottoman even if they don't coordinate as well.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

One of the many knitter's laments

I've said it before and I will say it again... moving is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled blog now.

The crafter's lament... have you caught yourself saying it or been in a room where it is discussed? Oh that's right we have many laments. I'm talking this time about how once we've deemed someone "knitworthy" and finally make them something, it gets safely tucked away in a drawer or closet rarely to see the light of day again.

Horror of all horrors you finally find someone you know will love this perfect hand crafted thing that you spent both time and money on. And they put it away to preserve your effort. Alas!

I have to confess doing it myself. My sister and mother both enjoy embroidery. They have made me some cute and wonderful items, that I safely stored away in closets and drawers. Why? You guessed it, they were too cute and too dear to be used. What if I wore them out? What if they got stained?

Son of a gun! I'm one of those saver people too!

Once we moved into the new house I unpacked the towels my sister had emblazoned with kittens, some of which actually look like Burt! They're now hanging on kitchen doors and making me smile.

The pillowcases my mom did? I few of those actually saw service in the apartment and will continue to see it. I've just got to make sure they're in the rotation.

The quilts that my grandmother made? I've got a quilt rack that I refuse to give up in my knitting room. They will serve as inspiration when not looking dazzling on my beds.

And all those socks that I knit? Well they see regular service. But the ones that wore out or no longer fit. I'm coming up with ideas, like serving as temporary anti-scratch pads on the new floors. How about a new cup cozy instead of a old sock? Gosh I bet they could even work as a duster or two, you know if I really had the urge to dust. Don't have a coaster for that teacup? Here's an old (clean) sock.

Let's stop lamenting and just start using! We can always change our behaviors before we can change someone else's. Lead by example if you will. If you'll excuse me I've got to go throw some old socks on the cat, Burt looks cold.